Référendum mondial climat petitions des peuples du monde
People's voice must ring out
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The world climate referendum suggests you: the people's petitions


World climate referendum's questions:

Proposed by the fourth table of work in the World Climate Change Conference of Nations, wich took place in Bolivia from the 20th to the 22nd of April 2010. They are subject to your valuation but stay opened. A forum will soon be made, where all the questions could be discussed, worked and changed if necessary.


The petitions for the world climate referendum:

Let's play with the illusion of democracy's apparences that they maintain, shall we be able to get them hooked.

You will find here, the expression of the people of the World who are calling the international authorities for a global solution by all the countries that are solidary and complementary cooperating. These countries will get on board the Atlantis: vessel, vehicle of the power of ideas on the march toward the abolition of the borders of communitarianism that are curbing brothers and sisters of humanity who have the willingness to gather and share the richness of their cultures.

We, the peoples of the world, who do we not recognize in our leaders, are asking for is the ability to bring our solutions to the necessary evolution to changes that occur and that we are given the choice:

To continue in the inertia of a society where few hold a lot, or the suffering, the absence of dignity are common currencies and or the integrity, the development of the human disappear before the fear to meet its basic needs, or the earth becomes a discharge, a festering open wound or the future is becoming more and more uncertain for the men.


To change to a society where the man found his dignity in harmony with its environment, focused on the satisfaction of basic needs, relieved by a good package of suffering caused by the current system, constructed by all and for all.We must not delude ourselves, the world referendum on the climate is today one of the only reasonable and peaceful solutions to go toward the road to survival of the species of the largest number in the best possible conditions for generations to come.

"To want to stifle the peaceful revolutions, it makes the inevitable violent revolutions"John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917 - 1963) President of the United States