Mondial referendum on climate welcome to the french site about his broadcasting and his organization
Call for the consciouness for our emancipation from capitalist system and for the restauration of harmony between human beings and nature
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World Climate Referendum for the consultation of the people of earth.

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A world climate referendum is not justified because our planet is in danger. It is not the case.

Even though the planet is bruised today, it alrealdy has the venerable age of 5 billion years old (approximately), it went through many renewal cycles before mankind appeared and it will still go through many others  if we keep acting that way.

The world climate referendum has not the vocation of defending life.

Life is not in danger, it carries on its course even after mass extinctions, Earth has already known 5 major ones with the loss of 90% of marine and land species. When we think about it, we need Earth, we need a special balance in our ecosystem, but does the planet need us ?

World climate referendum: it is just the  chance to give us the choice, to us, people of the world, to decide between:nous sommes l'humanité


"We are all breathing the same air, all drinking the same water, we are all living on a single planet. We must all protect it" Raoni, leader of Kayapos' tribe (Amazonia).

UN's climate summits all look alike : Kyoto, Copenhagen, Cancun, Durban and the next one in Rio on the 20th to the 22nd of June 2012. (Only two days per year to work out such a complex and global issue. masquerade, complete farce),  193 leaders who never settle on nothing defending their interests... but whom interests, ours???

Who ever remembers being consulted by our leaders before they attend UN's climate summits ?

We declare it loud and strong : World's people are not different, they all have the same needs !!

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools" Martin Luther King

Peace in this world, the end of misery will arise from our capacity to transcend our own communitarian vision, by abolishing its frontiers to come closer to our brothers and sisters of the humanity rich by their cultures.

Call for a world demonstration on December the 12th, 2012 for a global referendum

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"We must remember ideals and not the man, because the man can fail, he can be taken, killed and forgotten, but 400 years later, his convictions can still change the world. I have been a witness of the power of ideas, I saw people killed in their names, dying to defend them but you cannot embrace an idea nor touch it. Ideas do not bleed and feel neither pain nor death"

V of vendetta

The world climate referendum is the idea that we suggest you, nevertheless, we know we do not have 400 years ahead to make a change, climatic changes are getting dangerously closer to the survival of humanity. We are just a medium for this idea which mostly comes from the wisdom of indigenous people. It belongs to no one, everybody can become its ambassador, the vehicle of the power of ideas.

A global response to get out of this total madness.